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The World’s Premier Destination
for Canine Chic and Feline Sleek

Offering a dedicated retreat for Harrods smallest VIPs (Very Important Pets), The Pet Spa at Harrods promises a menu of animal-friendly services, including ‘pawdicures’ for pooches, blueberry and vanilla facials for felines, and even super-moisturising olive oil treatments for tortoises. But it’s not just about grooming as The Pet Spa at Harrods also offers specialised services, including behavioural counselling by canine consultant to the stars Robert Alleyne, full body massages and animal reiki, as well as nutritional advice and personal training sessions.

Harrods The Pet SPA  

Services on offer are:

Nutrition and Fitness Suite

The Pet Spa’s nutrition and fitness consultants are specialists in tending to the health and fitness of a wide variety of pets – offering everything from advice and tips on gentle exercise, weight management, diet, and joint care for your precious companion, to guidance and support in the run-up to caring for a new pet. Hill’s are the proud Nutritional Partners of The Pet Spa at Harrods. Treatments offered:

  • Weight Management Programme – In Association With Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • Personal Fitness Training Session
  • The Old Age Pensioner Club
  • Nutrition Consultation – In Association With Hill’s Pet Nutrition
  • MOT Health Check
  • Microchipping

Mind and Body Balance Treatments:

Whether your pet is recuperating from an illness or injury or simply in need of extra attention, The Pet Spa's highly qualified veterinary nurses and pet behaviourists are on hand to provide a wealth of treatments and services that will restore the wellbeing of your pet in no time. And, of course, a happy pet makes a happy owner.

Treatments offered include:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Luxury Canine Massage
  • Animal Communication & Reiki Healing
  • Behavioural Support Consultation
  • One-to-one Puppy or Kitten Consultation

Spa Treatments

Each and every one of Pet Spa’s customers receives undivided, expert attention from specialists with a wide variety of experience. Essential grooming such as dead hair and tear stain removal, washing, and fresh breath treatment can make all the difference to your pet’s happiness and healthiness. And, for extra special pampering, an array of luxurious treatments will leave your pet relaxed and revived from head to paw. Treatments offered include:

For dogs and puppies

  • Full Body Groom
  • Wash & Fluff Dry
  • Complimentary John Paul Pet
    Puppy Wash & Fluff Dry
  • Pet Pedicure
  • Blueberry & Vanilla Facial
  • Aromatherapy Bath & Body Massage
  • John Paul Pet Oatmeal Healing Bath
  • Thalassotherapy Mud Bath

For cats and kittens

  • John Paul Pet Full Body Groom
  • Complimentary Kitten Mini Groom

For small animals

  • Small Animal Groom
  • Tortoise Olive Oil Treatment & Pedicure

Gift and Spa Days

For the ultimate in pet pampering The Pet Spa at Harrods offers an exciting range of gifts and spa days, including a luxury spa hamper and gift vouchers. Please ask one of The Pet Spa at Harrods employees for more information. Spa Days and Gifts include:

  • Pet’s First Haircut Souvenir Photo
  • The Pet Spa at Harrods Luxury Spa Hamper
  • The Pet Spa at Harrods Spa Day Experience
  • The Pet Spa at Harrods Learn to Groom Your Pet Day Experience

Training Academy

For those who want the benefit of specialist training The Pet Spa hosts grooming master classes and training courses. For more details, ask one of The Pet Spa at Harrods employees.

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For more information and to book an appointment call 020 3036 6222 or email PETSPA@HARRODS.COM

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