Travelling with your kitten

Making the trip

If you want to take your kitten away with you, or you need to take her out of the home for any reason, you'll need to transport her in a secure cat carrier.

Most cats don't really like carriers and will run away as soon as they see it coming out of the cupboard! To prevent this fear from developing in your kitten, it's a good idea to leave the carrier in an accessible place from the word go, with the door open. It will help if you make it a fun, comfortable place for your kitten - especially if you put some of her favourite toys in there. Your kitten will soon come to regard the carrier as her own little nest, and shouldn't feel frightened or insecure about going out in it.

What type of carrier?

Plastic carriers are best because they are sturdy and easy to keep clean. Cardboard carriers aren't really suitable for anything other than a short journey. A carrier that opens from the top is better for getting your cat in or out of the basket. It will need to be well ventilated and escape-proof, make sure the base is lined with absorbent paper and a soft blanket or towel. A small litter tray should be provided for a long journey. And there should always be plenty of room for air to circulate around it.

Away you go!

When travelling by car, position the carrier so your kitten can see what's going on outside. Make sure you provide some shade for the carrier as kittens can suffer from heatstroke. Car sunshades are available from nursery outlets. It may sound obvious, but you must never leave a kitten unattended in an unventilated car.

Feeding your kitten before a journey could make her sick, so you might prefer to wait until your arrival. But she will need water on a longer journey, and you can get water bottles or clip-on bowls specially designed for travelling. Your kitten might suffer from motion sickness anyway, and medication might help, but take your vet's advice on this - and prepare for the fact that it might be better not to take the kitten with you at all.

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